SKU: 2305
ML 35kgs - Average weight 11.5kgs
1 x Fluid head
1 x Tripode plate
2 x Plate screws
2 x Pan bars
1 x Standard legs

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Sachtler 3012 System 30 EFP 2 MCF

The Sachtler 3012 System 30 EFP 2 MCF consists of the 3006 Cine 30 HD 150mm fluid head, 6386 EFP 2 CF tripod, 7007 mid-level spreader, 3370 telescoping pan arm, 3060 side-load camera plate, and the 7004 rubber feet 100/150 (set of three).

Any long-suffering camera assistant will appreciate the Cine 30 HD 150mm fluid head and its unique side-load sliding camera plate. With the camera fully equipped, mounting and dismounting using the Snap & Go locking mechanism is safe, efficient, and worry-free. It is fully compatible with Arri and OConnor camera plates, and features a fine adjustment for a tight, secure fit even if the plate is worn from use. Counterbalance is accomplished with an 18-step selector dial and a high/low range lever for rapid, yet fine-tuned, repeatable setups. Horizontal and vertical drag is governed by a similar 7-step (plus zero) indexed selector system in conjunction with Sachtler's patented leak-proof frictionless cartridges, which carry a separate 5-year warranty. A tilt safety lock guarantees the integrity of the payload until it is secured, and caliper disk brakes ensure reliable pan and tilt fixing during operation with a quick flip of a short-throw lever.

The 6386 EFP 2 CF one-stage tripod features a die-cast 150mm receiver, dual 22.0mm carbon fiber composite leg tubes, and rapid-action clamps for fast, secure setups. Stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum, carbon fiber composites have the added advantage of absorbing vibration- a particularly useful trait with HD cameras. Used in conjunction with the included 7007 mid-level spreader and the 7004 rubber feet, payload integrity is assured regardless of terrain.

Naturally, the 3012 System 30 is covered by the standard Sachtler 3-year warranty, as well as comprehensive worldwide voice and web-based tech support, complete with CAD drawings, manuals, and service bulletins.

Side-Loading Rapid Camera Mount

Snap&Go side-loading mechanism gets heavy camera packages mounted quickly without compromising safety or sliding range, and is also compatible with Arri and OConnor camera plates

18-Step Counterbalance and 7-Step Drag

For rapid setup and repeatable results

Payload Range Selector

Switch between the High and Low counterbalance ranges with a flip of the front-mounted Payload Range Selector lever

Caliper Disk Pan and Tilt Locks

Similar to braking systems on trucks or trains, the default position is on - in case of a system failure, the head will be locked

Illuminated Bubble Level

The Touch Bubble is a self-illuminated spirit level activated through contact, and is powered by three PX625A cells

Assistant's Box Mount (optional)

Using the optional Front Box Adapter, an assistant's box may attached to the front of the head without impairing the tilt range

Eyepiece Extension Support Adapter (optional)

Provides an anchorage point for eyepiece extension rods on the left side of the head

Carbon Fiber Composite Leg Tubes

22.0mm Carbon fiber leg tubes absorb vibration, are stronger than steel, and lighter than aluminum

Rapid-Action Clamps

Fully adjustable rapid-action clamps facilitate fast, secure setups

Mid-Level Spreader

Prevents tripod collapse while accommodating uneven terrain, and may be folded within the legs when collapsed for transport







Load Capacity

77.2 lbs (35.0 kg)

Maximum Height

70.6" (179.3 cm)

Maximum Height w/o Column Extended


Minimum Height

29.3" (74.4 cm)

Folded Length

37.5" (95.3 cm)

Leveling Bubble/Illuminated



23.7 lbs (10.8 kg)



Counter Balance System

18-Step plus boost

Quick Release/Wedge Plate


Balance Plate

Yes, with 150mm of travel

Tilt Drag

7-Step plus zero

Tilt Range

-75 to +90°

Tilt Lock

Caliper brake

Spring Loaded Counter Balance

7-Step plus zero

Pan Range


Pan Lock

Caliper brake




Carbon fiber composite

Head Attachment Fitting


Leg Stages/Sections


Leg Lock Type

Rapid-Action Clamps

Independent Leg Spread


Spiked/Retractable Feet


Center Brace


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