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1 x 3 ways Hand Unit (ARRI Compatible)
1 x Lanyard with mounting tool
1 x WCU-4 Monitor Bracket
1 x WCU-4 Plate
8 x Plain focus ring
5 x Pre-Marked Focus Ring metric
5 x Pre-Marked Focus Ring imperial
1 x Charger Dual Position
3 x Battery
1 x ALEXA Remote License for WCU-4
1 x SD card

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Main Features

- The most feature rich, modern 3-axis lens controller

- Affordable price

- Smoothest ever ARRI

- focus knob, with adjustable friction

- Backlit, optionally pre-marked focus rings

- Advanced iris slider with

- on-screen scale

- Versatile zoom knob

- Integrated Lens Data

- Display

- Optional ALEXA setup and status display

- Programmable user button

- Comfortable, ergonomic and user-friendly design

- Highly visible transflective display

- Personalized settings and updates via SD card

- Sealed, splash-proof casing

- Various mounting points for accessories

ARRI’s Wireless Remote System (WRS) is a sophisticated toolset for wirelessly controlling lens and camera functions on set. The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is the most sophisticated, feature-rich and user-friendly remote control on the market, succeeding the WCU-3.

The WCU-4 is an all-inclusive and yet affordable hand unit offering up to 3-axis lens control.

It includes a newly designed, super-smooth focus knob with adjustable friction and backlit, optionally pre-marked focus rings that are well readable in the dark without distracting performers.

The whole unit is completely splash proof for ARRI-typical reliability. The slider has its scale on the 3” display, providing clearly readable T-stop numbers and optional on-screen markings. If preferred, the slider can be also set to show zoom scales.

The left side handle includes an ergonomically designed, pressure-sensitive zoom knob that can also be used for quickly scrolling through the unit’s setup menus. A user programmable button underneath the handle provides quick access to functions like quick zoom (zap) or setting marks.

The optional hand strap provides extra stability and leaves the holding hand’s thumb free, thus allowing even the most challenging parallel shifts of iris and focus at the same time.

The large 3” transflective display reflects ambient light and thus remains clearly visible even in direct sunlight while saving battery power. It provides enough room for status information of camera and hand unit, measured distances from ultrasonic devices or lens data in a graphical form.

Focus, iris and zoom marks as well as limits can be easily set by pressing one of the sealed, backlit buttons next to the display.

The full ARRI Lens Data Display functionality is integrated and when used with the ALEXA camera, the unit displays camera settings and status; it will even be possible to control ALEXA with the WCU-4 following a future software update. Users can save their preferred settings on an SD card, enabling them to immediately personalize any WCU-4, anywhere in the world.

One of the most groundbreaking new features of the WCU-4 is the option to use Vibration-Markers, which provide haptic feedback for electronic markers and limits. Essentially, focus pullers can set soft rather than hard stops, and the unit will vibrate to warn them when they are at their pre-set limits or stops. This allows them to keep their eyes on the performers at all times, leading to greater accuracy of focus.

The WCU-4 is designed to be upgradable. New firmware versions and future feature options can be easily installed to the unit via SD card. Various mounting points allow mounting of future accessories, like brackets for mini monitors or iPod Touch.

The unit is powered by an affordable camcorder battery and is compatible to existing ARRI motor controllers equipped with the white coded radio modem. It is also easily serviceable, with many exchangeable components, including the display.

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