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SKU: 106176
ML 140kgs - Average Weigth 12kgs
1 x Fulid head
2 x Pan bar
1 x Tripod plate
1 x Tripod plate
2 x screws

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OConnor 2575D Head & Cine 150mm Bowl Tripod With Floor Spreader

The fluid head package comes with a 12" pan handle with 30° bend and a 11.5" pan handle extension. It also comes packaged with both a Mitchell base and a 150mm ball base adapters with tie-downs for expanded tripod compatibility.

The aluminum Cine HD tripod on its own can support payloads up to 309 lb and offers height adjustment from 33.6 to 69.2". The floor spreader enhances the stability of the tripod with heavy loads, and provides protection for delicate floor surfaces.

OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head

The OConnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head includes the sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range and holds cameras up to 90 lb. It provides stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag for improved control and stability for film-style shooting. The head comes with platform controls on the operator’s side of the head. The platform release lever with a one touch finger actuated safety release catch allows for one “finger” or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever.

- Dual platform scales

- Platform with 4 handle rosettes

- Soft hand rest on left hand side

- Infinitely adjustable counterbalance from 0 to 90 lb that can be altered easily with a collapsible counterbalance crank knob and numerical readout

- Stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag

- Controls located on the left-hand side of the head for intuitive cine-style shooting

OConnor 2575-120 Large European Quick Release with 120mm Camera Mounting Plate for 2060, 2575C and 2575CV Fluid Heads

The Euro-Style Quick Release Platform from OConnor can accommodate heavy camera rigs and is designed for use with the OConnor 2575D, 120EX, 2560, and 2065 series of fluid heads. The included large European-style touch and go plate enables rapid mounting and demounting of your camera. A two-step lever at the rear of the platform locks the touch and go plate securely in place.

OConnor 2575-137 Top Half of Telescoping Pan Handle (30deg; Bend)

This OConnor 2575-137 Top Half of Telescoping Pan Handle is compatible with the OConnor 2065, 2575, and 120EX fluid heads. Use its lever-based screw to connect the handle to a rosette on either side of the head for right or left-handed use. A separately available, cushioned bottom handle component is required to properly use this telescoping handle. The 30°-angled pan handle can rotate within its clamp for locking at your preferred orientation.

OConnor 2575-135 Bottom Extension of Telescoping Pan Handle

The OConnor 2575-135 Bottom Handle Extension is designed to work with both 1030-246 and 2575-137 telescoping pan handles. This extension fastens onto the pan handle via a locking lever. It features a padded bottom grip for increased operating comfort.

OConnor 08281 Mitchell Base

Mitchell base adapter allows mounting all Oconnor's Ultimate Series fluid heads (except Ultimate Digital 50-200 head) on Mitchell base tripods. Requires Mitchell base tiedown.

OConnor 08402 Mitchell Base Tiedown

The OConnor 08402 Mitchell Base Tiedown is the five-lobed retaining nut used with gear and fluid heads with Mitchell threaded post mounts.

OConnor 08417 Tiedown for Oconnor 150mm Fluid Heads

The OConnor 150 mm Tiedown is for the attachment of of 150 mm bowl-mounted fluid heads to OConnor tripods with 150mm receivers.

OConnor C12210003 Cine HD Single-Stage Aluminum Alloy Tripod (150mm) - Supports 309 lbs (140 kg)

It is not uncommon to encounter a barrage of exotic materials when perusing high-end support systems, but you'll find no such thing when you investigate the OConnor C12210003 Cine HD Tripod. Based on time-proven aluminum alloy metallurgy, there will be no surprises, and it requires no special accommodations. The single-stage design and die-cast spider ensure maximum rigidity for head and camera loads up to 309 lbs (140 kg), and the rotary stage clamps provide tool-free temperature-independent leg fixing. Concentrate on pressing production issues and forget about reinventing the wheel- your camera is safely suspended above the fray.

- Single stage design for maximum rigidity

- Die-cast alloy spider/receiver top stage

- Rotary stage clamps are temperature-independent

- Dual leg spikes for high and low angles

OConnor C1221-00015 Ground Spreader for Cine HD Tripod

The OConnor C1221-00015 Ground Spreader is for use with the Cine HD tripod. It greatly enhances stability of the tripod with heavy loads while providing protection for delicate floor surfaces.





Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head


Camera Plate


Camera Plate Features

Sliding Balance Plate

Camera Plate Type

120 mm Euro Plate, ARRI Dovetail Plate, OConnor Plate, Panavision Dovetail Plate

Pan & Tilt


Drag Control


Drag Type


Vertical Tilt

+90° to -90°

Panning Range


Independent Pan Lock


Independent Tilt Lock




Load Capacity

90 lb / 40.8 kg

Counter Balance

Continuous (0 to 133 lb / 0 to 60.5 kg)

Center of Gravity

2 to 18" / 5.1 to 45.7 cm

Bubble Level

1 x Illuminated

Operating Temperature

-40 to 140°F / -40 to 60°C


8.4 x 12.4 x 8.6" / 21.3 x 31.5 x 21.8 cm


22.9 lb / 10.4 kg

2575-120 Large European Quick Release With 120mm Camera Mounting Plate For 2060, 2575C And 2575CV Fluid Heads

Camera Mount Screws

2 x 3/8"-16

2575-137 Top Half Of Telescoping Pan Handle (30Deg; Bend)

Dimensions (L x D)

12 x .07" (305 x 18 mm)

2575-135 Bottom Extension Of Telescoping Pan Handle


11.5" (29.2 cm)

C12210003 Cine HD Single-Stage Aluminum Alloy Tripod (150mm) - Supports 309 Lbs (140 Kg)



Head Mount Type

150 mm Bowl

Load Capacity

309 lb / 140 kg

Maximum Working Height

69.2" / 175.8 cm

Minimum Working Height

33.6" / 85.3 cm

Folded Length

40.4" / 103.0 cm




29.3 lb / 13.3 kg



Leg Lock Type

Rotating Locking Lever

Independent Leg Spread


Leg Sections


Feet Features



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