ARRI BALLAST 2500 - 4000W


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SKU: 85775
1 x Ballast
Input - 32A Mono
1 x Head to ballast cable 7m
1 x 32A to T13 adapter

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ARRI is pleased to introduce a new generation of 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts that accept the challenge of modern digital high-speed photography with ease.

With the new 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts it is easy to achieve high quality flicker free images even at frame rates of 1000 fps and in many cases beyond even with a single HMI daylight source.

This new technology supplies the lamp with a greatly raised 1000 Hz square wave current, allowing worriless shootings for commercials, sports, industrial applications, automotive component testing, ballistics or material testing.

1000 Hz High Speed ballasts are available for all wattages from 125 W to 9000 W.300 Hz High Speed ballasts are available for wattages from 6000 W to 12000 W.

ARRI 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts offer the full range of features of the standard electronic ballasts plus the following: 

-1000 Hz Flickerfree light for frame rates up to 5000 fps with multiple sources

-Additional standard Flickerfree Mode for low noise operation

-can also be used in environments with low noise requirements (microphones)

-blue standard housing with handle

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