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1 x Audio Mixer
4 x XLR3 to XLR mini Cable
1 x Power Supply
1 x D-Tap to Power Cable
1 x Card Reader

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The 664 Six-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Integrated Recorder 

from Sound Devices has an unprecedented amount of functionality from 

a unit that can be battery operated. It starts with a low-noise, transformerless 

preamplifier section, continues to an intuitive mixing surface, adds a host of 

digitally-controlled routing features, allows room for analog inserts and aux busses, 

and finally terminates with versatile, plentiful output connectivity. By the way, 

the 664 can be configured to record digital audio to CompactFlash or an 

SD Card from any point in that signal flow. 

The Sound Devices 664 has an input board that features six balanced XLR connections. 

Within the firmware, they can be selected to accept microphone or line level signals. 

Additionally, inputs 1 and 6 can configured to accept AES digital signals. Each channel 

has a direct output on an independent TA3 connector. There is also an input for a slate 

microphone, if you don't wish to use the 664's internal slate mic. 

Two headphone outputs are also provided. 

Sound Devices 664 Product Highlights :

- Dedicated COM send/return

- Three camera audio returns

- Dual headphone jacks

- USB type B port for keyboard connection

- X1 and X2 aux busses

- Transflective LCD screen

- Metalized, gasketed carbon fiber chassis

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