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1 x Kinemag 1TB
Rental only with MAVO LF body

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Kinefinity KineMAG 1TB

The new 7mm KineMAG SSD version is designed specifically for TERRA and is also the next generation camera recording SSD. 7mm KineMAG, using high-quality MLC flash granules, greatly increases SSD storage capacity, metal case, excellent heat dissipation, and auxiliary pull slot, especially suitable for TERRA and MAVO body.

Like the previous KineMAG, the 7mm KineMAG SSD is a special requirement for digital cinema projectors. Because Kine cameras need to record full bandwidth data, there is a high demand for continuous writing of data.

Reliable and long-life : Professional cameras require a constant continuous write speed and long life as long as the camera needs to continuously write data to the SSD. In all kinds of bad situations, it is also necessary to be able to record data stably. Because the KineMAG SSD uses a superior controller and stable flash granules, it has better reliability and longer life than normal consumer SSDs in terms of write speed and lifetime.

Industry standard : KineMAG SSD adopts the industry standard 2.5-inch SATA interface, so users do not need to purchase a special card reader, you can quickly copy the captured data from the SSD to the basis based on a USB3.0 easy drive line. Windows PC workstation/laptop or MAC.

The 7mm KineMAG SSD is available in 500GB and 1TB capacities. 4K@25fps ProRes422HQ, 500GB SSD, can record for about one hour and twenty minutes; 2K ProRes422HQ can record for five hours and thirty minutes.





Record format

Recording time

2K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)

7 hours

2K@25fps ProRes422HQ(.mov)

11 hours

2K@25fps ProRes422LT(.mov)

23 hours

3K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)

3 hours

3K@25fps ProRes422HQ(.mov)

3 hours 40 minutes

3K@25fps ProRes422LT(.mov)

11 hours

4K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)

1 hour 40 minutes

4K@25fps ProRes422HQ(.mov)

2 hours 40 minutes

4K@25fps ProRes422LT(.mov)

5 hours 40 minutes

5K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)

1 hour

5K@25fps ProRes422HQ(.mov)

1 hour 40 minutes

5K@25fps ProRes422LT(.mov)

3 hours 40 minutes

6K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)

52 minutes

6K@25fps ProRes422HQ(.mov)

1 hour 20 minutes

6K@25fps ProRes422LT(.mov)

3 hours


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