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4 Battery bay - 4 Simultaneous charge - 4 pin XLR Output
1 x Charger
1 x Power cord

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- 4 Battery Bays

- 4 Ports Supporting V-Mount Adapters

- Charges up to 4 Batteries Simultaneously

- 4-Pin XLR Power Output

- Includes Performance Monitoring Software

- IPCS/CTP Fast Charge & Overheat Features

- LCD and Status LEDs

- Software Utility Tracks Charge Activity

- Automatically Logs Battery Fleet Data

- Real-Time Monitoring Chart


Designed exclusively for V-mount lithium-ion batteries, this BLUESHAPE 8-Channel Charger allows you to charge four batteries simultaneously via four V-mount bays, and four more sequentially via LEMO-type connectors that support optional V-mount adapters (model # BLS-CV-BA). It also features a 4-pin XLR port for powering cameras, and includes the BSCVMon monitoring utility for tracking charge activity and logging data for your entire battery fleet. The charge time per channel is approximately 2 hours for 70Wh batteries and 4.5 hours for 210Wh batteries. 

The monitoring utility (Windows-compatible) supports up to four chargers simultaneously with up 32 batteries in real-time. For BLUESHAPE batteries and batteries compatible with the BLUESHAPE protocol, a host of parameters can be monitored, including state of charge, remaining charge time, battery state, cycle life, and cell temperature. For other batteries, current, voltage, and approximated state of charge can be tracked. A real-time chart for each charger provides info for the whole pack of batteries and for each single cell. The data from each battery can be recorded automatically day after day to build a history log for your fleet and simplify the fleet's management. The software also monitors the state of the AUX port. An included USB to data-socket cable connects the charger to your computer. 

This charger features a BLUESHAPE technology called IPCS (Intelligent Pre-Charge System) that allows it to provide charge at increased speeds to batteries with fast-charge supporting features, such as pre-charge protection and cell-balancing. IPCS does this by initially boosting very low voltage cells to a state at which charge can be applied with a medium-low current without causing damage. Then it charges with a 300mA current for a while, and when the battery reaches a reasonable voltage state, the charger speeds up the charge process by switching to full throttle. To counteract the increased heat caused by this fast-charging capability, the charger employs another BLUESHAPE technology, called CTP (Charger Thermal Protection), that allows the electronics to work out the best possible charge profiles without causing damage, even in adverse temperature conditions.

Key Features

- Four battery bays; four LEMO-type ports supporting optional V-mount adapters

- Charges four batteries simultaneously and four sequentially

- Includes BSCVMon software utility for monitoring charging activity

- 4-pin XLR power port

- LCD display shows state of charge, charge time to full, status, and other info

- IPCS/CTP fast charge and overheat features

- Carry handle

- Fan vent

- LED status indicators

- Illuminated ON/OFF switch

- BSCVMon Software Utility Features

- One Charger Monitor is available for each charger connected. It communicates continuously with the charger and shows info for all the channels as well as the AUX port. Regardless of whether the Charger Monitor is visible or hidden, data is always collected. 

For every channel, several parameters are retrieved and shown (this information is provided for BLUESHAPE batteries and batteries compatible with the BLUESHAPE protocol; for other batteries, current, voltage, and approximated state of charge is provided): 

- Charging status, including pause and errors 

- Battery model 

- Battery serial number 

- Battery full capacity 

- Actual state of charge 

- Charge time to full 

- Actual charging current 

- Actual battery voltage 

- Actual individual cell voltage 

- Cell temperature 

- Cycle counter (number of charge/discharge cycles already elapsed)

in the box

- AC Power Cord

- Safety Operating Instructions



CVS8X Charger

Number of Batteries Supported

4 via 4 integrated battery bays; 4 via 5-pin LEMO-type ports (which support optional BLUESHAPE CV-BA V-mount battery adapters)

Supported Battery Types

V-mount lithium-ion


100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz

Mount Type

4x V-mount bays, each providing 16.8 VDC, (4.8 A per channel when 2 batteries are charging; 3.0 A when more than two batteries are charging)

DC Output

4x LEMO-type outputs providing 16.8 VDC, (4.8 A per channel when 2 batteries are charging; 3.0 A when more than two batteries are charging) 

1x 4-pin XLR output providing 13.8 VDC, 110 W max

Data Interface

Data socket for USB connection to a computer (using included USB to data-socket cable, part of the included BSCVMon Monitoring and Maintenance Utility)


6.4 x 5.9 x 11" (17 x 15 x 28 cm)


6.4 lb (2.9 kg)


BSCVMon Software Utility

System Requirements

Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 / 32-bit and 64-bit 

30 MB disk space 

USB 1.0 port or greater

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