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1 x V-lock battery

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The ENDURA-10S is the standalone version of the E-10 model.

With its considerable capacity of 93Wh, it will satisfy the high

power consumption of today’s HD cameras and accessories.

The E-10S is one of the most durable batteries, retaining high

capacity and optimum performance throughout its lifetime.

The E-10S has an integrated 3 LED Power Indicator feature. For size,

weight and features, the E-10S combines the highest standards of quality,

safety and reliability. E-10S Power Indicator is for quick reference of the

battery’s charge status. A basic 3 LED indicator shows if the battery

is full or requires charge.

Product Data

Capacity: 93Wh(14.8V/6.3Ah)

Typical camera run-time: 3.00 hours (@30W)

Dimensions: 3.35(W)x5.59(H)x1.97(D)

Weight: 1.65 lbs approx

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