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Capacity 280wh - Voltage 14.4V - Weight 1550gr
D-Tap one

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280Wh 14.4V High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery

Hawk-Woods new high draw battery is ideal for users looking to extend run time on higher powered lighting.

The VL-280N can deal with continuous currents of up to 15A. Extra high-performance contacts have been added, taking the load away from the existing two contacts, allowing more current to flow comfortably across four contacts.

LED lighting set-ups will benefit from the VL-280N with 280wh of power available which can potentially double your runtime compared to smaller V-Lok batteries available on the market.

The VL-280N can also be used in conjunction with high drain film cameras such as Phantoms Flex 4k when loaded you are able to pull 200wh from a single battery! Built in fuel gauge, thermal protection, short circuit protection, discharge and voltage protection are all still features.

Lastly the battery benefits from 1x Power-Con (D-Tap) output which provides nominal battery voltage.

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